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Our support platform here is dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to offering TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE to the already purchased products, and only in accordance with the 12 guidelines stated below. For any other inquiries, licensing issues/requests, general questions, sales/pre-sales/post-sales inquires, etc... please DO NOT use our support center here, instead please use our office email address, or the contact form on our website here https://www.energothemes.com/contact-us.html.


In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticketing system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number, which you can use to track the progress and responses online. To open a support ticket click on the OPEN NEW TICKET button below. To see your ticket progress online, you may login at any time, by clicking on the below CHECK TICKET STATUS button and using the email address you opened the ticket with and the ticket number assigned to you immediately after opening the ticket.


Also, every time you open a support ticket or you receive an answer from us to your support ticket, an email notification will be sent to the email address you opened the ticket with. To see our response to your ticket, as well as track the progress online or reply to the respective support ticket, please follow the instructions from the email notification.


If you have not received any emails from us, please check your SPAM folder as well and mark our emails as NOT SPAM, so that we avoid any miscommunication.


Support tickets will be answered only if they comply with the support terms below. Support tickets which do not comply with our support terms will be automatically closed with no answer!


  • 1. Support is offered exclusively on our support platform here, during our business hours, Monday to Friday, 10:00 – 19:00 GMT+2. Also, support is offered only for the current theme version.


  • 2. Your support subscription must be active. If your subscription is expired, then you need to renew your subscription at the following link: https://www.energothemes.com/subscription-renewals/vivashop-theme-subscription-renewal.html


  • 3. When you open a support ticket, you need to include the exact order ID of your purchased theme license for which you need support. The Order ID may be found in your account under the Orders section.


  • 4. There is no urgency, each ticket is answered in the oder it comes and all tickets are answered within maximum 24 business hours depending on your support subscription, on the workload, as well as the time necessary time to study and find the best solution to your support enquiry.


  • 5. When you open a support ticket you must include the CORRECT order ID which you are referring to, the CORRECT link to the opened storefront URL (access key), as well as CORRECT store admin credentials (store admin link, username, password). Sending images are only allowed if they are meant to help us identify your issue (location of your issue) easier. If you want to send multiple images please put them in a single archive and then upload the archive. Should we need additional details (like FTP credentials), we’ll let you know.


  • 6. Before opening a support ticket, you need to disable all of your third party add-ons (except for the add-ons provided by EnergoThemes), as well as revert any third party customizations. The support we offer is strictly related to our own products/services. We do not provide assistance with issues generated by third party addons and/or third party customizations (which are not developed by us). For such assistance you will need to contact the third party developer.


  • 7. Do not open several tickets regarding the same issue. It will not mean a faster answer from us, but it will only delay our answer as each new opened ticket goes backwards in the queue. Also, do not send several messages one after another, over and over again, as it will only delay our answer. Instead, please send all of your comments in one single message and then please wait for our answer.


  • 8. Do not include several support requests in one single ticket. Please include one support request in one single ticket. Once a support request is solved, the ticket will be closed. Should you have a different support request, please do not re-open a closed ticket, but open a different ticket. The closed ticket should only be re-opened in case additional support is needed on the respective request.


  • 9. On our support platform here we only handle issues related to already purchased products. Any other enquiries, like order issues, general questions, pre-sales questions, etc… should only be sent to the contact forms on our site, or to our email address.


  • 10. Each purchased product comes with a complete documentation guide. Before you open a support ticket, make sure you carefully read the product documentation, as this documentation is also meant to save your time, as well as our time.


  • 11. Any theme you purchase comes "as is" and any theme changes in addition to the features/options that the theme came with are subject to paid customization services. Also, our support services do not include assistance with custom theme modifications. Customization requests and/or requests for assistance with custom modifications should only be sent by accessing the following link: https://www.energothemes.com/customization-services.html


  • 12. Support does not include theme installation services, theme update services, or CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor installation services. Such services are optional and need to be purchased separately.


By opening a support ticket you confirm that you have read and agreed with our Support Policy and that you may be charged accordingly. Also, before you open a support ticket you need to comply with all of the above 12 (twelve) rules, otherwise your support ticket will not be answered


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